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Some Orthodox Heresies from alex

Plugins are not evil.
The web is a force for social change.
The internet centralizes power…slowly…oh so slowly…
CSS is the problem. Also, the solution.
Competition does not mean that your favorite player wins.
JavaScript cannot save you. Even if it could, you should not let it, for the price of this short-term salvation is the end of what you like about the web.
Fast is better than slow. Slow is better than closed.
A web that isn’t extensible will wither and die.
Proprietary can be incredibly fast.
The sooner we take HTML out of the hands of C++ hackers, the sooner we’ll screw it up.
Extensibility is a crutch.
Plugins bring the advantages of slow development, unportable code, hard failure, and security holes to a platform designed to remove them. Also, they make the web awesome.
Getting what you want will not make you happy. It is your inner dissonance that brought you to the web in the first place. You might as well own it.
“Proprietary” is the loser’s word for “I’m too lazy to copy the good parts”.
Small firms are always more nimble and therefore better.
You can’t beat big companies in the end.
HTML 5 is a cruel joke — I can’t wait for it to be done.
Original one is here.

The original one is here.

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