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Joshua Chi

Start my site promotion?

Human is a powerful machine for website promotion. If you have 20 people and 20 computers located in 20 different cities, you can do incredible things like:

1.Exposure: There will be 5000 advertising posts all over the websites in 24 hours, if each person copy and paste the same posts.

2. Traffic: Each person uses a small program to clear cookie, redial ADSL(Ip address will be changed) , and visit your website once every 2 minutes, then you can reach 14,000 unique visits each day. Very high traffic for startup websites.

3.Video marketing: Each person uses a small program to replay your video once every 6 seconds, then you can reach 12,000 views in one hour, and get it into the most popular video list.

4. Make rivals crazy: With the same trick, 20 PCs from 20 cities automatically refresh your rivals’ websites 24 hours a day(remember to change your IP and clear cookie once every 5 minutes), they will kill themselves.

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