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Joshua Chi

Chance, Possibility and Opportunity, difference?

I got the answer from internet, maybe wrong, hope somebody can help me correct it.

possibility is the chance for something to happen. as in, "ladies and gents, this is your pilot. it is stormy and lightning is everywhere, so there's a possibility that the plane will crash."

opportunity is the chance to do something. as in, "there came an opportunity for him to break up with his girlfriend, but he backed out when he saw that she has a collection of guns."

chance is a word you can use for both. as in, "there's a chance (possibility) for you to flunk the exam because all you do is sleep and eat your toenails." and "this is your chance (opportunity) to be a senator! all you have to do is get money from the taxpayers!"

Chance = You are lucky it's passing by Possibility= It is possible that it happen Opportunity=It pass by you only once , so grab it

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