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Report plugin for Vanilla 2

You can find it here.

Install 1. Unzip the plugin package and put it into Garden/plugins; 2. Enable it in admin panel;

Configure: 1. Add the following code into file Garden\applications\vanilla\views\discussion\index.php //Arround line 12 ~14 [CODE] <?php $this->FireEvent('AfterDiscussionHeaderRender'); ?> [/CODE]

Then the code likes: [PIECE] <?php $this->FireEvent('AfterDiscussionHeaderRender'); ?> <h2><?php if (Gdn::Config('Vanilla.Categories.Use') === TRUE) { echo Anchor($this->Discussion->Category, 'categories/'.$this->Discussion->CategoryID.'/'.Format::Url($this->Discussion->Category)); echo ''; } echo Format::Text($this->Discussion->Name); ?></h2> [/PIECE]

  1. Config pagination for admin page: Add following line into config.php $Configuration['Vanilla']['Report']['PerPage'] = 10;

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